Around 75-percent of 911 calls are made from cell phones.

It's called Smart 911.

Wayne County is the first in our area to have it available for you.

The technology is giving 911 dispatchers access to critical information on you and your family, which saves time and possible lives.

Around 75-percent of 911 calls are made from cell phones.

The issue is, the second you call, dispatchers have to search through a large area surrounding a cell tower to find you until a smaller area pops up.

"If the call is hung up before we get phase 2, we're lost," said Greg DeWolf, Wayne County 911 operations manager.

The county now has Smart 911 which allows you to create a profile with your address, the people living in the home, pets, and any medical issues.

So far, around 1,000 people have signed up.

"Shortly after we went live, a mother called reporting her daughter went missing," added DeWolf.

That mother had a profile already built, including a picture of her missing daughter.

"We took that picture and sent it to the police officer, so it was available to the officer before he arrived to the house."

That meant the officer could be looking for her instantly.

It also aided in a domestic violence call.

DeWolf explained, "She called 911 and hung up because the abuser heard the call over a bluetooth speaker."

Through a reverse chat system dispatchers were able to text her to get her the help she needed.

The chat feature also protected emergency responders on another call.

"We were able to contact him through the chat and found out he had aggressive dogs, so we were able to tell the responders to stay in the rig."

Wayne County also rolled out a service called Rave Facility into Smart 911 which allows businesses to register

"If an employee called 911, we'd know right where they were."