The gubernatorial candidate addresses investing in transportation, among other issues

ROCHESTER — Just days after a heated debate against Governor Andrew Cuomo, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon made a stop in Rochester.

She addressed a crowd at the Thomas Ryan R-Center, where she touched on several key issues in upstate New York.

Supporters like Rochester Institute of Technology student Luke Heary cheered as the actress turned gubernatorial candidate addressed dozens of supporters.

"To run on $15 minimum wage and affordable housing, and for Cynthia it's also fixing the MTA," Heary said.

He watched the debate Wednesday night, and although upstate didn't come up, using tax money to fix the New York Metro Transportation Authority did.

Heary agrees with that plan.

"I think it's important that the state chips in and pays for the subway," Heary said.

Nixon says it's about better transportation for all of New York State.

"I think we need to invest in the subway system but I think we need to invest in transportation throughout the state," Nixon said. "What we see with gentrification is it's pushing people further out from the center of cities and more and more people are living in transportation deserts."

Nixon wants to invest in education, infrastructure, a $15 minimum wage, affordable housing, environmental protections, anti-corruption measures and more.

Those are progressive policies supporter Cindy Butterworth is backing.

"I say we tax the one percent and have them pay their fair share," Butterworth said. "That would help us fund these policies and platforms she wants to put forward."

However, not everyone in the room Friday evening was a supporter.

Gary Levine plans to vote for Governor Cuomo.

"She's not going to win, she's done a nice job in the primary, I'm glad she's running, but she's not going to win," Levine said.

News 10NBC reached out to Cuomo's campaign to hear his specific policy plans for upstate.

A representative for his campaign says many of Nixon's proposals for upstate have already been implemented.

Spokeswoman Abbey Collins said the governor has brought education funding to the highest level on record at $27 billion, already raised minimum wage to $15 and already invested $100 billion dollars into infrastructure.

She offered the following statement in regards to Cuomo's plans for upstate:

"Over the last eight years, the governor has single-handedly transformed the state's approach to driving growth across upstate New York. The governor's proven leadership has delivered real results from Buffalo to Binghamton — investing $36 billion, driving down unemployment, growing wages, and the highest number of private sector jobs on record at 3.1 million. New Yorkers know they can count on Governor Cuomo to get the job done for upstate New York."

The primary election will take place on Sept. 13