In just a few days, fans across WNY will get to watch and cheer on their favorite teams when the new NFL season kicks off.

The wait is almost over. In just a few days, fans across western New York will get to watch and cheer on their favorite teams when the new NFL season kicks off.

There is no more preseason. These are real games that count. However, there will not be any real money bet on these games legally in New York.

The main issue is time. There just is not enough time left to get everything done and in place before the first NFL game Thursday night or even for the Bills opener Sunday.

When the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on legalized sports betting in May, it put the issue in front of individual states. A few states, including New Jersey, moved to offer sports gambling almost immediately.

Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC went to check out one of the first legal sports books to open at the Meadowlands in New Jersey just outside of New York City. While sports betting is legal across the state border, lawmakers in Albany punted on the issue last session.

Many Democrats and Republicans still look at this as an issue of "when," not "if" sports betting will come to New York.

"I support it under the right places, under the right conditions, and that's something that has to be looked at and done intelligently, so there are not abuses," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo during last week’s debate with Cynthia Nixon.

To be able to gamble on games anywhere in the state, lawmakers in Albany need to take action.

"I suspect when we go into the new session after the first of the year we'll take it up and likely pass some form of legislation that would allow for sports betting across the state," said Republican State Sen. Patrick Gallivan.

There is still a chance the state’s Gaming Commission will soon allow sports betting at four state-licensed casinos which include del Lago in Seneca County. The commission is still working on those guidelines.