Wayne County Historical Society produced “A Tea Out of Time” in 2017 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York state. The play, written by Larry Ann Evans and Linda Stevenson, was performed in the Carriage House.
“We have wanted to remount the play in a proper theater, and were incredibly lucky that Dr. Judith Wellman, director of Historical New York Research Associates, professor emerita of SUNY Oswego and author of numerous women’s suffrage publications, gave us a donation to cover the costs of renting a theater in which to perform the play,” Evans said.
Matt Reynolds, director, producer and editor, combined footage from last year’s productions, as it proved difficult to find a date when all 17 actors could rehearse and reprise their roles. The finished product will be shown at 7 p.m. on Sept. 27 at Ohmann Theatre, 65 William St., Lyons.
“A Tea Out of Time” examines what questions one would ask someone from 100 years in the future, the conversation that would ensue between a woman brought up in the 1850s and one brought up in the 1950s, what someone from 1853 would think of a woman wearing a miniskirt straight out of 1969 and how a woman would feel if she knew in 1914 that there would be a World War just a few years later.
The movie features the play’s original cast as they portray 16 women from Wayne County and one from Rochester.
“A Tea Out of Time” features Cindy Duprey as Kathryn Moran Wykle, the first woman to be elected mayor in Wayne County; Deb Hodgeman as Gert Garner Corell, a real estate dealer from Huron in 1950; Margaret Lally as Marion resident Agnes Snook, a school nurse in 1931; Michelle Logins as Sylvia Newport, an African-American woman who lived in the Maxwell settlement of Sodus as a free woman of color in 1914; MiKayla Mayo as Kate Fox, of the Fox sisters from Arcadia who are credited with the birth of modern day spiritualism in 1853 from Arcadia; Diana Mourey as Ann Collins, the Lyons equine artist from 1972; Nan Hanna Paquin as Fern Huxley Palmer, of Ontario, who was active in the grange in 1974; Shayla Prosser as the Mound Dweller from Savannah from 10,000 B.C.; Joanne Saracino as Mildred Taylor, an assemblywoman in 1960; Brenda Smith as Palmyra resident Mary Ann Woodward, who invented the rocking chair fan in 1849; Kathryn Snyder as Susan B. Anthony; Eleanor Stearns as Williamson resident Eliza Cooper, a Quaker and abolitionist who hid slaves on their flight to freedom in 1864; Linda Stevenson as Emma Biddlecomb Sweet, a Macedon secretary in 1895 who was Anthony’s cousin; Jennifer Walczak as Venus Rising, the 1913 statue from Wolcott; Alexis West as Nancy Permelia Pease, of the Standalone religion from Rose in 1853; Melissa Witchey as Bessie Seeley, of Walworth, who was the first woman to graduate from Syracuse Law School in 1903; and Aniela Wolkonowski as Antoinette Brown, the first woman pastor from Butler in 1853. Alex Calvo, the only male cast member, plays the Busboy.
“We were incredibly fortunate to have found these 17 woman who come from throughout the Finger Lakes from Lyons, Newark, Clyde, Sodus, Geneva, Clifton Springs, Seneca Falls and Phelps to embody these historical women,” Evans said.
Tickets cost $12 in advance and $15 at the door, and are available online and at Ohmann Theatre.
Call (315) 946-4943 or visit waynehistory.org for information.