Right now, more than 50 kids from upstate New York are missing.

Right now, more than 50 kids from upstate New York are missing, according to the state's Division of Criminal Justice Services. Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC found out that number has increased in recent months.

Seven of those missing kids are from our area. Some of them are runaways, but others disappeared under unknown circumstances.

Valerie Douglas works with runaways at the Center For Youth. She said we are seeing more reports of missing kids because of a new federal law that changed the procedures for reporting missing youth.

“It's not uncovering something that hasn't been happening in our community, or [that] there's been some kind of large increase of young people who have run away or went missing,” Douglas added. “We're just identifying it better and having law enforcement be able to take those calls and take those reports and respond as best they can to them."

Included on the list of cases in the Rochester area is 14-month-old Owen Hidalgo-Calderon. His mother's body was found at a Sodus farm back in May, but he's still missing.

Brian Sullivan from Chili, who has been missing since 2007, is also on the list. Investigators believe he was murdered.

Missing kids, especially the runaways, can also be targeted for human trafficking.

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