Messenger Post Media understands the role the media plays in its community. We know we can help bridge communication gaps and reach those who may be considered unreachable. We also know, if we work together with foundations and businesses, the impact is stronger.

Being part of a community means contributing and working in good fellowship with one another, which is why we have decided to create Messenger Post Partners. Our goal for this program is to join together with different groups in the community to help spread awareness, accurate information, offer support options and develop an action plan for various ways to bring together members of the community.

Our first Messenger Post partnership is combined with the Parkinson’s Foundation of Greater Rochester and UR Medicine Thompson Hospital.

We followed a local couple through a difficult diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease — you’ll see how their personal journey has helped to pave the way for others in the area who are also battling the disease. The series leads up to Moving Day, the chapter’s fundraising walk event on Sept. 30:

Over the course of the year we are planning on selecting different partners depending on the shifting needs of the community. We will work together to help share stories, support and encouragement.

We hope you join us on this journey because we are all in this together.

Jennifer Reed is executive editor for Messenger Post Media