A manhunt for David Clyde Morgan Wednesday in Geneseo was being treated as a recovery effort

GENESEO — Sixty law enforcement officers, 10 cadaver dogs and a warm clear day.

On Wednesday, there were perfect conditions for a search of the woods, and that's just what happened in Livingston County where law enforcement searched for federal fugitive David Clyde Morgan who disappeared two months ago.

By 2:30 p.m., the search was over, much sooner than expected.

"We covered 731 acres," said U.S. Marshal Charles Salina. "We had the Monroe County mapping vehicle here and we didn't come up with anything."

He added, "It went a little quicker than we thought because the weather was cooperative. It was a little cooler. The dogs did take some breaks. But we were unsuccessful. We didn't find him out there."

Morgan has alluded authorities since the day a Geneseo police officer says Morgan pulled a gun on him during a traffic stop.

The officer says Morgan then took off into a cornfield, which was the last time anyone saw him.

Law enforcement thinks Morgan might be dead.

"Without any credible tips since July 18, no sightings, family members have not called us, they're concerned that he might have taken his life," said Salina.

This search, unlike the others, was strictly a recovery mission. The State Police cadaver dogs were a critical resource.

"By using the dogs in this thick-wooded vegetation and getting them to roam back and forth in these areas that we are given allows us to work the entire area," said Trooper Chris Neidert with the New York State Police. "Having guys shoulder to shoulder in that dense vegetation just is impossible in some section of the woods."

So what's next for law enforcement?

"He certainly could be out here dead, and he could be alive and hiding from law enforcement. All options are open and we'll keep working with the Marshal service to bring him in, one way or another," said Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty