Family of 14-year-old was found safe Sunday afternoon and returned home by police.

A missing Rochester teen is reunited with her family after being reported missing for nearly 48 hours.

Family of Danay Graham-Mills tells News10NBC that the 14-year-old was found safe Sunday afternoon and returned home by police. 

Police say 14-year-old Danay Graham-Mills failed to return home from school on Friday from Rochester Prep High School and was reported missing Friday night. 

The family says this was out of character for the 14-year-old.


Relatives of 14-year-old Danay Graham-Mills' say they haven't seen her since she was dropped off at Rochester Prep on Lake Avenue Friday morning.

"This is not like her at all that's why we're so confused about what's happening right now," said Jamese Graham, Danay's aunt.

Graham told News10NBC, "we talked to the school and they said they went through the cameras and saw her come in in the morning but they didn't see her leave which was confusing."

Rochester police say they are working on this case, in the meantime the family has been passing out fliers.

"We've been calling her phone it seemed like it was on earlier but it's going straight to voicemail we've been calling and calling," Graham explained.

She's asking the community to keep their eyes and ears open for Mills.

Graham-Mills was last seen wearing a white Rochester Prep button up, blue pants, black flats and a blue and white checkered scarf around her head.

She has blue and purple dreadlocks and stands about 5'3" and weighs approximately 190 pounds family tells News10NBC.

If you have seen Graham-Mills you are urged to call the Rochester police.