On Nov. 5, we elect a new face for the 130th State Assembly seat. We need someone who listens to us and understands our issues. Scott Comegys is that person. Always involved in community, Comegys is a doer and advocates for our concerns — a sustainable economy, relevant public education and health care for all.
In central New York, health care is a serious issue. Too many of our fellow citizens are struggling to pay for even minimal health care. Some cannot afford any. This August, the Wayne County Human Services Committee reported to the board of supervisors. At the end of June, 7,904 residents were receiving medical assistance from the county. Does this expenditure need more attention from the state?
Comegys supports a single-payer system. A single-payer health plan would not only save taxpayers money, but would also create jobs and economic opportunities. Most importantly, no one would be left out of the system. The New York State Legislature could have an important part in such a change.
Single-payer is coming to this nation, but not tomorrow. Often, legislative reforms start at the state level. This seems to be true with health care. Several state legislatures have already passed reforms. These nudge the U.S. Congress. New York has done so in the past on other issues. We need advocates for legislation that addresses the well being of all residents both state and national.
Economic development, landfills, farm families, water quality, environmental problems and more need attention in this area. Comegys will be a strong advocate for us who live in the 130th Assembly District, which includes all of Wayne County and parts of Seneca and Oswego. Let’s send someone to Albany who listens to constituents, hears their concerns and works to advocate for 21st-century solutions.
Vote for Scott Comegys for 130th Assembly District on Nov. 5.
Dorothy Mauser