A victim puts everything on the line when coming forward.

One year ago, 21 people filed a lawsuit against the University of Rochester for its handling of complaints against U of R professor Dr. Florian Jaeger.

Dr. Jaeger is accused of sexual misconduct, harassment and discriminatory behaviors towards students in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science.

Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC has learned that seven faculty members have left the U of R over this case, among them, two researchers who are named in the complaint.

The two women were also named Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

Dr. Celeste Kidd is just getting started at the University of California at Berkeley. She left the U of R dissatisfied with the way it handled the complaints against Jaeger.

Dr. Kidd was a graduate student under Dr. Jaeger and was considered the whistle blower in this case.

Despite having to move everything including research equipment to California, she considers herself lucky.

"Usually when women come forward, when their credibility is attacked, it has the potential to completely destroy any chance of them continuing in their career," said Kidd.

Dr. Kidd says a victim puts everything on the line when coming forward. It's something her former colleague and friend Dr. Jessica Cantlon can relate to.

Dr. Cantlon is also named in the lawsuit. She is starting over at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Jessica Cantlon: "Even if they do believe you, they'll say it was your fault for being there or you brought it on. They may say that you actually liked the experience, that you were complicit..."

An independent investigation into the complaints against Dr. Jaeger found while his behavior was unprofessional and inappropriate, he did not violate any university policies.

Both women say they can relate to the difficult position Christine Blasey Ford found herself in.

"Once you do come forward with your testimony of a sexual attack, or sexual harassment, a significant number of people won't believe you, and I think that's something that women are very aware of. It's something that has been happening for a long time." added Dr. Cantlon.

The federal lawsuit is still pending at this time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jaeger is still teaching at the U of R.

U of R President Richard Feldman has said changes are taking place at the U of R including the establishment of one of the most restrictive policies governing relationships between students and faculty.