The victims were found, shot, in a burned-out car earlier this month

ROCHESTER — The Monroe County Sheriff's Office made an arrest Thursday night in the Hamlin double homicide investigation.

Investigators charged 19-year-old Mason Earle with two counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of 20-year-old Alexander Burrow and 18-year-old Bruce Kane.

On Sept. 10, the two Brockport High School graduates were found in a burned-out car on King Street in Hamlin, 15 miles northwest of Rochester. The car was parked behind a warehouse in a section of town where small businesses and other buildings are clustered.  Investigators later discovered that both victims had also been shot.

Police said the suspect did know the victims. School officials confirm Earle graduated from Brockport High School in 2017. He was on the junior varsity wrestling team in ninth and tenth grade. Kane graduated from the high school this past June, and Burrow graduated in 2016. Both were swimmers on the Brockport team. Burrow was attending the University at Buffalo.

Authorities believe that the incident was drug-related, specifically to marijuana.

Earle confessed to the slayings after he was arrested outside his home Thursday, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said.

"Thank God we have someone in custody right now; that can put a little peace in the mind of the community," Baxter said. "But [to] the families, we'll never be able to say anything that brings peace to them, except that we're going to pursue all other leads, put people in handcuffs and bring them before the court system."

Earle was arraigned in Hamlin Town Court Thursday night and pleaded not guilty. He was being held in the county jail without bail, and prosecutors said Friday that he'll be assigned a lawyer. He is scheduled to reappear in court Wednesday, Oct. 3. at 8 a.m.

If convicted, Earle faces 25 years to life behind bars.

Sheriff's divers took to the Brockport canal Friday afternoon in connection to the homicide. There was no word on what law enforcement were looking for in the canal.

"Horrific crime, and it rocks a small town like Hamlin," Baxter said. "Everybody knows everybody, everybody's acquainted."

Includes reporting from The Associated Press