Wayne County Council for the Arts, 108 W. Miller St., Newark, has received art donations from the community and local artists, teachers and students for the past 40-plus years. This year, the gallery is sharing these pieces with “Treasurers of Wayne Arts” through Oct. 27.
The show features works by artists such as Richard Chamberlin, Hwang Nam Chang, Ann Collins, Christine Mori Fayad, George Hockaday, Ann Levere, R.L. Markham and Kenneth Townsend.
In the Chris Fayad Members’ Gallery, Wayne Arts is exhibiting works by Richard Jacobsen, of Newark.
Jacobsen seeks to reproduce nature in his oil paintings. He does sketches with a fine-tip marker that sometimes lead to work in oils. Jacobsen said he constantly studies works by artists of the past through books and the internet to obtain ideas on design composition and the physical handling of oil paint.
“Oil painting, the way I do it, requires that I remove myself to the basement of our very old home to confine the smell and mess,” Jacobsen said. “Over the years I’ve become more attentive to maintaining an organized working area, which includes making my own picture frames.”
The Gallery is open from noon to 3 p.m. on Thursdays-Saturdays and by appointment. Admission is free.
Call (315) 331-4593, email info@wayne-arts.com or visit wayne-arts.com for information.