The deadline to register for the Nov. 6 election is Friday

HOPEWELL — The state Board of Elections is warning the public to be aware that scammers are contacting residents via phone calls and text messages to attempt to gain personal information.

So far, the scam phone calls and texts have originated from the 607 area code and have been reported in Chemung and Steuben counties.

Republican Ontario County Board of Elections Commissioner Mike Northrup said several elderly voters in the county Wednesday reported receiving the same scam call, also from the 607 area code.

The scammers are targeting elderly people by calling and telling the person on the other line that he or she is not registered to vote and notes the deadline is Friday, Oct. 12.

The caller then asks for personal information, Northrup said.

The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 6 general election is Friday, so that much is true.

“New York state does not allow over-the-phone registration,” Northrup said.

Northrup suggest that people call the Ontario Board of Elections office at 585-396-4005 to confirm that they are registered.

You also can check if you are registered to vote at: If you are not registered to vote, print out and complete a voter registration form. Go to:

You can submit a voter registration form in person at the Board of Elections office, 2930 County Road 48, or send it in the mail no later than Oct. 12.

The state Board of Election offers advice for those who receive these calls, which is similar to the advice for other phone scams.

Do not respond to any phone call or text message offering to register you over the phone, and do not provide personal information over the phone or via text message.


27th race

The battle between Rep. Chris Collins and Democratic challenger Nate McMurray in the 27th Congressional District shows no signs of cooling off.

McMurray, who last weekend opened a campaign office in downtown Canandaigua, appeared Thursday at a labor rally with Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, who also endorsed Democrat Jen Lunsford in her bid to defeat Republican state Sen. Rich Funke in the 55th District.

Hochul tweeted: “In 2011, they said I couldn’t win this seat in Congress — and with the full support of labor — we did. The stars have lined up once again. Lightning will strike twice. Labor again will ensure that @Nate_McMurray is our next Congressman.”

Meanwhile, the Collins camp announced a new campaign video Thursday, telling voters, “Safe to say, our liberal opponent McMurray doesn’t like President Trump. Nate McMurray hates our values. He equates the NRA to homegrown terrorism and calls President Trump a ‘con artist,’ a ‘clown, and ‘delusional.’

The announcement goes on to say that McMurray is open to impeaching Trump.

The catchphrase: “Nate McMurray. You can still take him at his word.”

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