The Ontario County Sheriff's Department says the Royers, who were charged criminally with second degree assault had health care available for the four children under their care but did not use it.

NAPLES — According to a law enforcement official the dental conditions of four children that led to criminal charges for a Naples couple was years in the making.

Ontario County Chief Deputy John Storer wanted to make it clear that Heather and John Royer, who were charged with second degree assault for failing to provide dental care for young children had a lot more reason than lack of teeth brushing.

Storer says health care was available and the couple chose not to use it. “They had the ability to take of this and they didn’t,” said Storer. “By not doing what was doctor recommended- there was protracted pain and impairment."

Storer said the situation has been a difficult one and an eye opener.

“The resources were available for the kids' dental needs to be met,” said Storer referring to any potential claim of lack of health care coverage or the inability to get the children to the the dentist. "They didn't meet their needs and that's why they were charged."