Lincoln and Perkins families are invited to participate in Family Fun Night from 6 to 7 p.m. on Nov. 15 at Perkins Elementary School, 439 W. Maple Ave., Newark.
The event intends to bring movement and fun to learning math and reading.
The Math & Movement program, based in Ithaca, helps children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade increase math and reading fluency and mastery by utilizing specially designed floor mats and banners that enable students to hop, walk, crawl or dance their way to mastering math and reading concepts.
Since Math & Movement promotes physical activity while simultaneously increasing learning, the intended result is also a greater fitness level for children.
Stephanie Miller, principal of Lincoln Elementary School, applied for and won a grant from the Dryden Mutual Insurance Co. after learning about the program from Krista Lewis, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and Lincoln pre-K teacher Elaine Erb.
Parents will receive activity booklets to use at the event that they can also use at home with their child to further build math and reading skills. Families will move from station to station as they complete the Math & Movement activity guide.
Older student volunteers will man the stations and improve their own math skills by helping younger students. Teacher volunteers from both schools will be trained by a Math & Movement consultant to assist families as they rotate from station to station.
Informational flyers about the event will be sent home to parents. Refreshments will be provided by PTAs from both schools.