We endorse Dr. Dan Koretz for Wayne County coroner. He has the medical knowledge, the experience, and the communication skills to do this job well.
The Wayne County Republican committeepersons erred egregiously not once, but twice, in failing to nominate Dr. Koretz for this position. When their nominee in 2016 failed to do the job, that person resigned. The Wayne County Board of Supervisors then wisely appointed Dr. Koretz as acting coroner.
Dr. Koretz has served quite capably in the interim and deserves to be elected to a full term.
The Republican Party bosses are now trying to cover their foolish mistake by telling you that you don’t need a doctor for coroner. If you lose a loved one in a tragedy, with whom do you want to discuss the autopsy results? A police officer, a nurse, or the doctor?
Vote for the doctor, Dr. Dan Koretz.
David T. Hannan, Wayne County coroner, 1992-2016
Pamela M. Hannan, registered nurse