Wayne Art Gallery’s “Wayne County Regional Fiber Arts Show” at Wayne County Council for the Arts, 108 W. Miller St., Newark, is a new exhibition presenting an artistic approach to the fiber arts, using traditional and unusual fiber-based materials and techniques that express the vision on the artist.
A free opening reception will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. Nov. 10.
Fiber artists are generally considered to be those who create art using fiber — weavers, knitters, lace makers, needle pointers, quilters, felters and fiber sculptors — even fashion designers. Fiber art can be considered as both new and old form of art. The use of fibrous materials and the appearance of the woven, knitted, printed or in other ways treated materials has long appeared in our history. Traditionally, fibrous materials emerged as functional objects but in the aftermath of World War II and with further investigation into the nature of an art object, fiber art slowly became a force in its own right. During the 1950s, the contribution of craft artists, not just in fiber but in clay, ceramics and other media inspired a number of weavers to begin binding fibers into non-functional forms as works of art. As knitting, weaving or needlework were typically considered as a woman’s job of leisure or of skill, the feminist art movement reintroduced textile and fiber into high art and transformed it into colorful fun works. Today, fiber arts are practiced and celebrated by men and women of all ages.
During the reception, guests will be treated to demonstrations by fiber artists including weaving by Pam Bishop and Wool Felting by Gail. Loveland. There will also be a “Fiber Art Petting Zoo” area where visitors can touch as well as see the types of fibers, yarns, cloths and tools used in making the various types of fiber art.
In the Chris Fayad Members’ Gallery, the gallery will present Kathy Ann Morris’s exhibit titled “Melange.”
After 33 years of teaching English Language Arts to middle school students in Bloomfield, New York, Morris retired and set upon a second career in art. In the past, she painted in acrylics on all sorts of objects such as boxes, furniture, baskets and rocks. But in 2011, she began her current work in oil, the medium in which she has the most studio experience and en plein air. She is mostly drawn to painting landscapes. With no formal art education, she has sought other local artists to instruct and mentor her.
She follows the whim of her “muse” in choosing the medium and subject matter. When a piece goes well, she says “only a few feelings of satisfaction are quite like it.” She also creates greeting cards and designs jewelry with gemstones, pearls and crystals. She sews clothing, penny rugs and needle felts on garments.
For more information, visit wayne-arts.com or call (315) 331-4593.