Born hours apart — at the same hospital, in the same room, and delivered by the same doctor — two Ontario County deputies are still side by side.

CANANDAIGUA — This Halloween, two Ontario County sheriff’s deputies will celebrate their 52nd birthday together — but the commonality of their lives is as unique as a winning Lotto ticket.

Micah Sprague and Mike Blazey's lives have crossed paths since the moment they took their first breaths.

“We were both born on Halloween a few hours apart,” said Sprague, referring to his synchronized solar circumnavigating twin. “The same doctor brought us into this world on the same day.”

The duo were born at the old Thompson Hospital when it was located on Main Street and were delivered by Dr. Harry Pitler.

It wasn't until they turned 29 and they were both employed at the Ontario County jail, where they were working as corrections officers, that they discovered their connection. Sprague and Blazey both went to their supervisor to request their birthday day off. The supervisor said whichever one was older can have the day off — and after that they realized there was more than just a birthday they shared.

"It’s really strange, sort of surreal,” said Blazey. “Our similarities are uncanny, even down to our sense of humor.”

Despite their different DNA and looks, the other court deputies call the two the "twins" because they are so similar.

They’ve both been firefighters, play the guitar, enjoy the same music, served on the Ontario County Emergency Response Team and served as union presidents. They both currently serve as deputies in the Ontario County Court.

Strengthening their birthday brotherhood is their chosen profession.

“We always have each other's back,” said Blazey. “We both have the same goals in our job, and that’s keeping people safe.”

Mike and Micah’s friendship grew during Emergency Response Team Training.

“We definitely push each other to be better, and it’s motivating,” said Sprague. “It’s like I’ve got a long-lost brother, it's pretty incredible.”