Alisa Elder’s fifth-graders at Kelley School in Newark recently extended kindness to a new student in their class.
Once they learned a new student from Shortsville was joining their class, Elder discussed with her students how they could make their new classmate feel welcome.
Leyla Logan suggested the class put a welcome sign on the door with Camron Gushlaw’s name on it.
“I wanted him to feel welcome and that this is his classroom,’’ Logan said.
Brooklyn Cleaves suggested students explain to Gushlaw about special classes fifth-graders take at Kelley and take him on a tour of the school. Carter Graser and Jacob Rose volunteered to show Gushlaw around.
Maggie Lynch came up with the idea of everyone in the class wearing name tags for a few days to help their new classmate learn their names.
All these gestures, including a welcoming hug from his new teacher on his first day, helped ease the transition for Gushlaw into a new school.
“I felt welcome,’’ he said, noting he had been concerned about leaving friends behind at Red Jacket Elementary School when moving to Newark.
“What great leadership from our students,” Principal Jeff Hamelinck said. “We live our Kelley vision each day, and this welcoming act of kindness demonstrates how we encourage lasting connections and work hard to be the best version of ourselves. Kudos to these students!”