Geneva police officers testified as to statements that Jeffrey Salone Jr., made to them in the beating death of Jawuan Brumfield, whom he claims was robbing his apartment.

CANANDAIGUA — Details for the first time were discussed in public during an evidentiary hearing in preparation for the trial of Jeffrey Salone Jr., who is charged with first-degree manslaughter in the death of Jawuan Brumfield.

City of Geneva Police Officer Jennifer Lloyd and Investigator Steven Vine both testified Tuesday during Salone's Huntley hearing in Ontario County Court on how they interviewed Salone after he called 911 to report a burglary in progress.

According to Lloyd, who was first on the scene, she arrived to the Hallenbeck Avenue residence where she found the accused, Jeffrey Salone Jr., along with his girlfriend and parents outside the home on the sidewalk.  

According to Lloyd's testimony, Salone stated that he was sleeping in his apartment with his girlfriend when he heard a loud noise in the kitchen, woke up and went in to investigate. Salone said he saw Brumfield crawling through a window with a taser and a kitchen knife near him. In Salone's account, according to Lloyd's testimony, the two then got into a fight that spilled into the living room, where Brumfield hit his head on a table. Salone continued to beat Brumfield as he lay on the floor, and he then called 911, according to the account.

Lloyd testified that when she walked into the apartment she handcuffed Brumfield, who at that time was still alive unconscious on the floor, to secure the scene. Brumfield would die the next day at the hospital as a result of the injuries he suffered during the fight.

Lloyd stated she didn't remember seeing any scratches or significant markings on Salone.

The other testimony of the day came from Vine, a City of Geneva detective. Vine arrived to the scene the following afternoon accompanied by an evidence technician who was there to photograph the scene.

“I told him (Salone) I didn’t believe the story he gave to Officer Lloyd,” said Vine, with 11 years experience as a police officer. “He swore up and down it was the god’s honest truth.”

Vine testified that he suspected that Salone did not act alone.

Salone is being represented by Chris Rodeman. First Assistant District Attorney Jason MacBride is prosecuting the case.

Judge Brian Dennis ruled that all statements made to Lloyd and Vine may be included during the trial and that Salone’s criminal history, should he testify, can also be included in the trial.

The tentative trial date is set for April of 2019.