Justin Parks, who suffered a brain injury in a car crash, has become more confident thanks to his involvement with Wildlife Rockstars

FARMINGTON — The ramifications of a devastating car crash left Justin Parks, 34, with a traumatic brain injury, and fear in how to cope with going out into the public, until he became a Wildlife Rockstar.
According to Parks, the Wildlife Rockstars program — a program run by Bridges for Brain Injury, based in Farmington, in which people learn how to educate others about exotic animals as part of their recovery — has helped him build the skill set to where he is comfortable going out into the community again.

“I was in a car crash, on March 3, 2008. Going under a bridge and hydroplaned into a building.” said Parks. “A year ago I found out about this program and joined, and it’s been absolutely fantastic.”
Parks is a fan of Ozzy the eagle horned owl, who even has his own Facebook page. Through the Wildlike Rockstars program, Parks and the team go out into the community and present a variety of animals in an educational experience to a number of groups and organizations.
According to Parks, through the program he's become more confident and comfortable getting out of the house and engaging with the community.
The Rockstars travel with a a variety of animal companions including snakes, turtles, birds, monkeys, cockroaches and the next show's guest: an Argentine Tegu.

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