The Manchester man, 56, was found guilty of rape, sexual assault and other felony charges by an Ontario County jury

CANANDAIGUA — Loudly, boldly and emphatically, the jury foreman rang the bells of justice for a young woman who was subjected to six years of rape and abuse.

“Guilty,” he pronounced, repeating it five additional times, one for each felony count facing Steven Feliciano of Manchester, who silently hung his head.

Feliciano, 56 — charged with six counts, including predicate felony offender and rape — was deemed guilty of predatory sexual assault of a child, first-degree rape of a minor and other felony sexual-offense charges.

During the trial, a woman now in her 20s testified about the rape and abuse she was subjected to by Feliciano when she was 11 years old and which lasted until she left home for college. The three-sport high school athlete and honor roll student paved the way to freeing herself from her abuser through her mental toughness and academic perseverance.

The jury deliberated for approximately two and a half hours before collectively coming to the decision.

The case was prosecuted by Ontario County First Assistant District Attorney Jason MacBride, who argued that there was no reason for the victim to take such lengths with so much detail to convict a man if the charges were not true.

Feliciano’s defense attorney, Marcea Tetamore stated that the woman's statements were fueled by a bitter custody battle.

Ontario County Court Judge William Kocher, who oversaw the trial, said later this month Feliciano will be sentenced. He potentially could serve between a 10-year-to-life sentence and the maximum of 25 to life.