I am reading this book, written by many inspirational authors. The name of the book is "What I've Learned So Far." It inspired me to share some of my own lessons learned.

The first thing I've learned is my Mother was right on so many things. I realized the importance of family love, especially my husband, who for almost 50 years has supported me and lived to make me happy. I think of my grown children and wonder where the time has gone, and pray I was a good mother. Seems your loved ones become even more important as you grow older.

I've learned how much you can miss someone, when they are no longer with you. The loss of loved ones can seem unbearable at times, but God always sees us through.

I've learned the importance of friends. I need time with them, and am thankful I have a husband who respects this need.

I've learned how peaceful it is to sit in my back yard and stare at nothing, just let the beauty and sounds of nature come in.

I've learned how important my precious pets are. They bring such unconditional love in your life (just like our Jesus).

As caregiver to my husband I've learned the importance of those wedding vows, in sickness and in health. I think you become more in love as you get older. Taking care of each other is the true meaning of love.

I've learned all the stuff we accumulate over the years becomes insignificant.

My faith has become more important, and my relationship with my Lord has become stronger every day. I've learned how to talk to him. Sometimes I get so gabby — those who know me know I talk too much — but God doesn't care, he wants us to talk to him. Sometimes I have interrupted him and for this I have apologized. He reassures me it is all right, for some never interrupt him or listen to him.

What I've learned so far is I can't imagine a life without him. Life is not easy, and to go it on our own is so much harder.

So I ask again: What have you learned so far? I hope you've learned to keep Jesus in the center of your life and feel the peace of Christmas. As this special holiday comes, may we remember the true meaning, and say "Merry Christmas" to all those we meet.

So what I've learned so far? Life is beautiful, especially with Love — Family, Friends, and the Saviour in it. God Bless.

Nancy Gullo is a Bloomfield resident.