Officials say Alberto Reyes — charged with murder in the deaths of a woman and her toddler — is on camera moving the bodies

LYONS — Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts and District Attorney Michael Calarco held a news conference Wednesday afternoon in relation to new murder charges for the man charged with burying the body of his then-girlfriend, Selena Hidalgo-Calderon.

Alberto Reyes was indicted on two counts of second-degree murder and one count of tampering with evidence on Tuesday. He's accused of killing his girlfriend Selena Hidalgo-Calderon and her 14-month-old son Owen.

The victims were last seen alive on a farm off Joy Road on May 16. Virts said the crimes occurred sometime between May 16 and May 20 and it is believed the murders happened at the same time.

Hidalgo-Calderon's body was found a week later in some woods. Reyes was arrested soon after, but up until now, he had only faced the tampering charge. Early on, investigators said he admitted to burying Hidalgo-Calderon's body.

Owen's remains were found on the same farm in October.

Virts and Calarco declined to say how they believe Reyes killed Hidalgo-Calderon and her son, but say they have him on camera moving the bodies. When asked if a weapon was recovered on the farm, Virts said no. When asked if a weapon was used, he declined to comment.

Authorities did say that Hidalgo-Calderon had reached out to a domestic violence shelter in the past, and that during a taped interview with detectives Reyes admitted to moving her body.

In a statement to News 10NBC, Hidalgo-Calderon's mother says, "Nothing will give me back my daughter Selena and my grandson Owen, but I want this man to pay for what he has done so he will never hurt anyone again."

Reyes is currently behind bars without bail in the Wayne County Jail.