Steven Feliciano, 56, is likely to spend the rest of his days on earth locked up behind bars after Judge William Kocher sentenced him to 35 years to life for the repeated rape of a family member.

CANANDAIGUA — An Ontario County Court judge sentenced a Manchester man — called an "animal" by the prosecutor — to 35 years in prison for the repeated rape of a family member for over half a decade.

Steven Feliciano, 56, Friday was sentenced to 20 years to life for the top count of first-degree predatory sexual assault and an additional consecutive sentence of 15 years for first-degree criminal sex act. Earlier this month Feliciano was found guilty in a three-day jury trial of all six felony rape counts.

“During my 15 years as a prosecutor I’ve had the privilege of prosecuting many animals like this defendant, and he’s right there at the top,” said First Assistant District Attorney Jason MacBride. “He’s one of the most despicable human beings that I’ve ever come across.”

Prior to sentencing Judge William Kocher, presiding over his last day in Ontario County Court before he retires, spoke of the courage shown not only by this victim but the previous victim that opened up the case.

“There was another victim that had the courage to come forward, the earlier case,” said Kocher to a packed courtroom including a group of bikers that were there in support of the victim. “But for her I wonder where the case would have gone.”

The victim in this trial, a family member, only came forward after Feliciano was sitting in Ontario County Jail on separate rape charges, to which he pleaded guilty.

“I remind myself this is not my fault,” said the victim during the impact statement portion of the sentencing. “You didn’t stop me from making the Dean’s List, you didn’t stop me from graduating magma cum laude, you didn’t stop me from National Honor Society, and you didn’t stop me from becoming the wonderful teacher i’m going to be.”

The victim broke free of Feliciano’s continued rape from the age of 11 until she graduated from high school through good grades and being admitted to college.

“I want you to know I forgive you. You need help and the only way you’re going to get that help is by being inside,” said the victim. "I'm moving on in my life."