Clyde-Savannah Central School District staff and students recently showed their appreciation for bus drivers with a breakfast at the elementary school.
Bus drivers enjoyed coffee, doughnuts, cookies, bagels, juice and other treats brought in by staff to recognize them for their hard work. Principal Katy Lumb expressed her appreciation for the drivers and all the staff members who contributed to the breakfast.
“Over the summer, we were thinking about our staff and we realized that we don’t do enough to thank our wonderful bus drivers,” Lumb said. “They do so much for our students, and we’re happy to give back to them.”
After breakfast, the bus drivers received a visit from preschool students, who sang “Wheels on the Bus” to thank them. The performance was met with a loud cheer and round of applause from the drivers.
Bus drivers received a knitted bag filled with small keepsakes meant to remind them of why they drive students.
Lumb said she looks forward to having the breakfast again in the years to come.