Two of the suspects accused of plotting an attack on a Muslim community appear in court

GREECE — At least one of the homemade bombs police found in the basement of a home in Greece was ready to blow up.

That was among the details emerging Tuesday when two of the four suspects arrested in connection with an alleged plot to attack a Muslim community in Delaware County appeared in court.

When Greece Police swarmed a little Cape Cod house in Greece two weeks ago, they say they found three homemade bombs in the basement.

The chief said those went to an FBI lab in Virginia. According to the lead prosecutor, the FBI says one of them was "functional."

"I'm not aware of the exact status of the other devices that were seized," said Matthew Schwartz, chief of the DA's Special Investigation Bureau.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Greece Police said the others are still being tested.

On Tuesday, two of the bomb plot suspects arrived at Greece Court in a Monroe County sheriff's van.

Brian Colaneri and Vincent Vetromile are still in jail and because of that, they get a hearing next Monday.

"That's where the government will put some proof towards the case and if that goes, we'll have some idea as to what happened," said Steve Sercu, attorney for Vetromile.

Colaneri's lawyer declined to talk after court. But Colaneri's mother spoke to News 10NBC the day he was arrested.

"I'm just really upset," April Colaneri said. "I can't believe it happened. He's never been in trouble before. He's 20 years old."

Colaneri, Vetromile and Andrew Crysel are accused of plotting to attack a Muslim community near Binghamton.

Crysel posted bail so he walked into court with his lawyer and family. The grand jury gets his case right now.

Bail for a fourth suspect, who is 16 years old, is set at $1 million,  and his case is in youth court.

News 10NBC found YouTube videos with Crysel and Vetromile. The videos show them handling and trying to load guns.

"My client is in four. But I've only seen three and in one of them he's holding an air-soft gun, another one a BB gun, and then in another one a .22 which he could barely even load," said Jason Housel, Crysel's lawyer. "I have not seen anything where he makes a political statement or intent to harm anyone or anything of that nature."

The preliminary hearing for Colaneri and Vetromile is set for Monday afternoon. It will be canceled if the grand jury indicts them before that time.