Seventh-graders at Newark Middle School recently heard from 13 presenters about different job fields for the 10th annual Career Day.
The program was coordinated by counselors Tracy Altman and Matt May.
“I am so happy to see this worthwhile event continuing for 10 years,” Principal Teresa Prinzi said. “Some of our presenters have been with us for our 10 years, and we are so proud of these connections and community supports.
“Career Day is the second in a series of activities provided by school counselors to get students thinking about their futures. During the sixth-grade year, we help students learn the importance of goal-setting and steps necessary to achieve those goals.
“During the seventh-grade year, we create opportunities for our students to learn about careers and professions in our area, and the various paths to obtain them. Finally, during the eighth-grade year, we take the entire grade level to a four-year college to visit. These opportunities provide our students experiences from which to build upon as they enter the high school.”