Charlene Childers is scheduled to go on trial May 20, along with her husband

LYONS — A hearing has been set for the woman charged in connection to the murder of a Sodus couple.

Charlene Childers appeared in Wayne County Court on Thursday morning.

Investigators said Childers, along with her husband, Timothy Dean, worked together on a plot to kill Childers' ex Joshua Niles last October.

A third suspect, Bron Bohlar, pleaded guilty to conspiracy earlier this month, admitting to renting a car for Dean, who is a former police chief in Sunray, Texas. Bohlar was a Sunray police officer at the time of the shooting.

Prosecutors said Dean used that car to drive from Texas to Sodus where he shot and killed Niles, 28, along with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Amber Washburn.

A Huntley hearing is scheduled for March 12 to argue over statements and what should be allowed at trial.

"The basic issue for the hearing is if the police conduct was proper, if she was in custody and mirandized, and if she freely and voluntarily gave the statement," said Assistant District Attorney Christine Callanan.

Trials for Childers and Dean will be held at the same time, starting May 20.

Childers is being held in the Wayne County Jail while Dean is behind bars in another county to keep them separated.