Every year, approximately 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner. It is also known that 3 in 4 parents have never talked to their children about domestic violence. In light of these alarming facts, every year during the month of February advocates join efforts to raise awareness about dating violence, highlight promising practices and encourage communities to get involved. There are many resources available to provide information and support to victims, and assist service providers and communities to decrease the prevalence of dating violence among young people. Anyone can make this happen by raising awareness about the issue, saying something about abuse when you see it and organizing your community to make a difference. Take action!
The Victims Resource Center of the Finger Lakes is a private, nonprofit domestic/dating/family violence, sexual assault, stalking, bullying and child abuse services agency in Newark. Its mission is to forge a communitywide commitment to end violence, and to provide assistance to victims in a sensitive, respectful and confidential manner, bringing community resources to the victim/survivor and the victim’s family.
The VRC provides services for a domestic violence shelter for the counties of Wayne, Ontario, Seneca and Yates; school prevention education programs; trainings for law enforcement, district attorney offices, local magistrates, churches and first responders; girl groups and safe dates programs in area schools; empowerment/anger management groups; assistance with filing for all victim family court orders of protection and custody petitions; women’s empowerment groups; Bringing in the Bystander anti-bullying program; financial freedom empowerment group; and sexual assault, domestic/family violence and bullying programming, including counseling for children and teens. You can contact the Victim Resource Center in Newark for help, assistance and advocacy at (315) 331-1171, or their 24/7 bilingual (English/Spanish) confidential, toll-free hotline at (866) 343-8808 or (800) 456-1172.
If you received a state pistol permit in 2014, you must recertify your pistol permit this year (2019) on or before the date you received your license in 2014. I cannot emphasize enough that you must complete the recertification process in the time frame of the law or your pistol permit will be revoked, setting off a progression of events that could result in all your firearms having to be surrendered. Whether this was the intention of the legislature when this law was passed is unclear. In my conversations with the State Police, they have not denied that the law can be literally interpreted this way, but maintain that this is not their position; however, it was conceded that a judge may feel different and could order the surrender of all firearms upon being presented with a revocation order. In all, there remains much uncertainty as to the exact consequences of failing to recertify. I encourage you not to take this risk. If anyone needs assistance or has questions about the recertification process, please contact me and I will do my best to assist you. Also, you can contact the State Police at (855) 529-4867 or view their informational website at safeact.ny.gov.
In December 2018, 65 males and 13 females were committed to the jail facility. There were 57 transports, 7,095 inmate meals served, and $23,780 collected from 38 inmates released on bail and fines. Inmates worked 1,730 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service.
The jail facility boarded eight inmates from sheriff’s offices in Cayuga, Ontario and Seneca counties, and secured 10 parole violators and 11 inmates ready for transfer to state prison.
Court security officers cleared 2,633 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing 26 weapons and 164 other contraband items similar to Transportation Security Administration airport security — firearms, ammunition, knives, scissors, cell phones, glass bottles, umbrellas, helmets, hand tools, etc.
Deputies traveled 108,501 miles on patrol, investigating 107 motor vehicle accidents in which seven people were injured, three missing persons, 22 animal complaints, 353 minor crimes, 18 major crimes, 10 fire investigations and 1,349 miscellaneous complaints. Deputies issued 284 traffic tickets and three DWIs, and made 105 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests plus 15 mental health arrests.
The Records Office registered 53 sex offenders. Deputies verified 43 offender home addresses, processed 105 requests for reports and conducted 146 records checks. The Pistol Permit Unit processed 48 pistol permit applications and 52 pistol permit amendments requiring a Brady Check. The Civil Office processed 68 legal papers and 87 Family Court orders, handled seven evictions, received $138,235.44, and paid out $137,357.40 to creditors. This month, $13,082.14 was remitted to the County Treasurer’s Office for the general fund.
Wayne County law enforcement charged 15 people with DWI: Macedon PD, two; Palmyra PD, two; Wolcott PD, one; Sheriff’s Office, three; and State Police, seven. Please drink responsibly!
Deputies Nicholas Yates, Zach Aunkst and Robert Harkins attended the CTS Certified Shotgun Breaching in Rochester. Deputy Anthony Senecal attended the Current Heroin Threat Training at Hilbert College in Hamburg. Lt. Matt Ryndock; deputies Chris VerStraete and Paul Montemorano; and Sgt. investigators Mark Loveless and Andrew Hares attended the Offender Watch Training in Canandaigua. Correction Sgt. Joe Compton attended the Basic Correction Sergeant Course in Geneseo, and I attended the NYS Sheriffs’ Association Winter Conference and the NYS Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Albany.
Criminal Records Clerk Debby Jayne completed 30 years of service, Sgt. Investigator Roger LaClair and Court Security Supervisor Dawn Pisciotti 25 years of service, Deputy Brian Pitt and Senior Criminal Records Clerk Nicol Carr 10 years of service. I salute Debby, Roger, Dawn, Brian and Nicol for their service!
If you see something, say something. Call 911 to report any suspicious activity. Social media is used to inform you of events and arrests that would be released to the media, but timelier to keep you informed. Social media sites are not used as an official communication tool. Concerns and inquiries should be directed to me by calling (315) 946-5797, by emailing bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us or mailing Sheriff Barry Virts, 7376 state Route 31, Suite 1000, Lyons, NY, 14489. If you have a complaint that is an emergency or time sensitive, call 911 to have law enforcement respond immediately.
Visit us at our social media sites, Facebook page “Wayne County Sheriff’s Office,” Twitter accounts @SheriffVirts and @WayneCoSheriff and waynecosheriff.org. Load the free MobilePatrol App on your smartphone for a one stop resource for all WCSO information.
Please contact me at (315) 946-5797 or at bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us with any questions or concerns you may have.