The Lyons Chamber of Commerce recently named LaGasse Works as its business of the month.
In 1954, Clifford LaGasse started with a station wagon, a set of oxyacetylene torches, and the name LaGasse Iron and Welding Works. Now, his son Dan continues the operation of this machining and fabrication business under the shortened name.
LaGasse Works makes machine components from drawings provided by industries such as food processing, robotics and aerospace. The company also is known for its custom design capabilities.
Through this ability to design and relationships with local growers and the Cornell Cooperative Extension, LaGasse Works developed machines for use in maintaining high density apple orchards over the past 25 years. In this type of orchard, dwarf trees are grown closely spaced in straight lines and attached to a wire trellis. One of the LaGasse orchard machines is a hedger, which is used to trim the tree canopy to a vertical fruiting wall. LaGasse orchard hedgers are used by a number of New York and Washington state growers.
LaGasse Works is East Coast representative for Automated Ag harvest assist platforms and Munckhof three-row orchard sprayers.
Another of the company’s product lines is the harder dump box spreader invented by local highway superintendent Ken Harder. This conveyor unit is used by many municipalities in New York and beyond for spreading salt and sand on icy winter roads.
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