Nearly 75 families from Lincoln, Perkins and Kelley schools in Newark recently participated in Math and Movement Night, an hourlong event in the Perkins gymnasium intended to bring movement and fun to learning math and reading.
Children in grades pre-K-5 hopped, walked, crawled and danced their way to mastering math and reading concepts on specially designed floor mats and banners created by the Math and Movement program based in Ithaca.
Math and Movement Night was provided by a Dryden Mutual Insurance grant won by Stephanie Miller, principal of Lincoln School. She learned about the program from Krista Lewis, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and Elaine Erb, a pre-K teacher at Lincoln.
To date, Dryden Mutual Insurance Co. has funded over 200 family fun nights in the state.
Since Math and Movement promotes physical activity while increasing learning, the intended result includes a greater fitness level for children.
Parents received activity booklets that guided them and their children through the various stations. Teacher volunteers from all three schools were trained by a Math and Movement consultant before the event to assist families as they rotated from station to station.
Refreshments were provided by PTAs from the three schools.
Miller, Perkins Principal Sue Achille and Kelley Principal Jeff Hamelick commented on the event afterward: “We had a great turn out for our Math and Movement Night from all three schools. It was a great opportunity for students to engage in a variety of activities to learn math, incorporating movement and fun.”