LYONS — The former police chief charged in a double murder in Sodus was back in court Tuesday — where a judge ruled that statements he had made to law enforcement officials are inadmissible at trial.

Tim Dean — an ex-officer from Sunray, Texas — is accused of shooting and killing Josh Niles (his wife's ex) and Niles' fiancee Amber Washburn. The young couple was gunned down in the driveway of their Sodus home last October.

According to Dean's attorney, Joe Damielo, the judge ruled that the statements Dean made to the Texas Rangers, FBI and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office are inadmissible at trial.

The judge ruled that Dean had asked for a lawyer and was not read his Miranda rights by the Texas Rangers before making statements.

Since he requested a lawyer, any statements he made to all other agencies that tried to speak to him after that, including the FBI and the sheriff's office, are inadmissible.

Charlene Childers and Bron Bohlar already accepted plea deals for charges related to the murders. Childers pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with the killing of Niles as well as criminal possession of a weapon. Bohlar, a police officer who had served under Dean, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in February, admitting to renting a car for Dean.