I recently completed and filed my federal income tax return, which I have been doing for the past 50 years. I recall Ryan, McConnell and Trump boasting about the ease in filing we would all have in their new GOP tax law. I also recall the Dems protesting it as benefiting the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

I found that the Republicans' claim was for the most part true; it was somewhat simpler (though never postcard size). However, more importantly, the critics were also correct as far as I can tell.

My wife and I are both retired and living comfortably in the middle class, on fixed incomes of pensions and Social Security. In 2018, our gross income rose approximately 1.3%; the federal taxes we paid in 2018 were hiked a percentage ten times larger, nearly 14% more than in 2017! This was due to the elimination of personal exemptions and miscellaneous deductions, such as investment fees, etc. We were just below the cap placed on the SALT deductions.

I have checked with middle income working relatives and friends, and it appears that they have experienced the same or worse impacts. Since I don't personally know any millionaires, I would challenge millionaire Chris Collins, as one of the very few in New York's congressional delegation to vote in favor of this law, to share his personal experience in his most recent tax filings. Given his legal situation, I certainly wouldn't expect him to be as forthcoming with information as many other politicians, but I think just his comparable percentages would be acceptable to his constituents.

I await his response and perhaps any other millionaires out there who might be able to prove the critics wrong.

Pat Crowley