America has spent the past 50 years and billions of dollars in efforts to clean our polluted air, water and lands, with much progress being made for our endeavors. We now have Donald Trump and his climate-deniers undermining our progress as they merge with major fossil fuel industries in efforts to ignore the climate and environmental control laws utilized throughout these years.

Mr. Trump first allowed for coal sludge to be released into our waterways and for toxic emissions to be released into the air. Trump’s latest ploy was to initiate orders making it more difficult to block pipeline infrastructure due to environmental concerns. He also wishes to abolish the EPA.

As the world unites for environmental and climate control, we have a “leader” whose only concerns are for the deep pockets of rich fuel companies. Why is America letting him get away with erasing 50-plus years of progress with greed and wanton destruction? Why is it OK for Trump to waste billions of taxpayer dollars that had been spent for recovery?

Linda Decker