A CHEER ... to the Honeoye Central School Music Department and Canandaigua National Bank & Trust as well as Music & Arts for bringing the Count Basie Orchestra to Honeoye on Thursday night for an incredible concert open to the community for just $10 per ticket. Now in its 84th year, the orchestra tours around the world and was recently nominated for a Grammy. It was also recently voted the top jazz orchestra in the world by readers of DownBeat magazine. Earlier this month, these exceptionally talented musicians performed at the famed Apollo Theatre in Harlem and from Honeoye, they were headed to Washington, D.C. They were a treat for local music lovers and an inspiration for band students from not only Honeoye but several area districts, providing a night hundreds of audience members will not soon forget. Submitted by Anne Johnston

A CHEER … to the Canandaigua Rotary Club and the many people who helped out at the club’s popular annual Festa Italiana, which raises money for the many projects the club supports. Here’s how popular the event really is — more than 800 meals were served and more than half were takeouts. That’s a lot of ziti and chicken parm.

A JEER … to even more bad news about ticks and the Lyme disease these disgusting little bugs carry. According to researchers, an untreatable form of the disease could affect up to 2 million Americans by next year, reports Daily Messenger news partner News 10NBC. Treatment is expected to fail in up to 20% of patients who develop persistent symptoms including chronic pain, cognitive dysfunction, and fatigue. Early symptoms of the disease include skin rash, fever, and joint pain. A timely diagnosis and antibiotic treatment can help most patients recover, according to the CDC. Thankfully, the town of Canandaigua is among those who recognize how serious this public health concern is. Next month, residents will be able to pick up free tick-removal kits at Town Hall.

A CHEER ... to Bud Wesley of Bristol, who for more than two decades has offered a friendly face, a listening ear and a cup of java to patients and their families at Strong Memorial Hospital. Remembering a time he spent in a hospital ICU waiting room with nobody to talk to when his mother was a patient, Wesley, now 76, became a Friends of Strong Memorial Hospital volunteer — discharging patients in the mornings, bringing a coffee cart to the intensive care units, and in general providing comfort. He's done this for some 24 years now, and the Rochester Business Journal recently recognized him with a 2019 Health Care Volunteer Achievement Award. In the words of Strong chief medical officer Mike Apostolakos, "We can only imagine how many lives he's touched over the years."

A JEER ... to two sergeants with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office who apparently not only showed video from body-worn cameras for entertainment purposes at a Christmas party — including footage of intoxicated people, a foot chase and taser deployments — but directed their subordinates to come. Sergeants Scott Knapp and Andrea Knapp resigned prior to disciplinary charges being filed against them. Sheriff Barry Virts said the purpose of the body-cams is to "protect the integrity of the deputy, the integrity of the complainant and the community," and that he was "furious, furious" when the actions came to light. We don't blame him.