The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor recently launched the Canalway Challenge, an initiative that invites people to trace history while tracking miles walking, running, cycling or paddling on the state Canal System and Canalway Trail.
The free program includes a range of mileage options — 15, 90, 180 and 360 miles — so that people at all fitness levels can choose a mileage goal that suits their ability and participate. Visit for information.
“Whether you are an avid cyclist or a family looking to get more active, the Canalway Challenge will help you discover all you can do along New York’s canals,” said Bob Radliff, executive director of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. “We’re excited for a great season of fun, fitness and adventure along the waterway.”
Participation is free, and registration is open to individuals, organizations and groups. Participants choose a mileage goal, then track their miles using the Canalway Challenge mileage log or their favorite fitness app. They can complete the challenge in one big trip or many small ones. Participants can count mileage on the Erie, Champlain, Cayuga-Seneca and Oswego canals toward their Canalway Challenge goal.
Like a hiker seeking to become an Adirondack 46-er, participants can strive for mileage status and recognition. Upon completion, they can show off their accomplishment with a photo finish, car/kayak decal and gear bag.
“As we prepare to open the New York State Canal System on May 17, the Canalway Challenge offers a new invitation for people to enjoy the scenic beauty and incredible recreational opportunities along the waterway,” said Brian Stratton, director of the New York State Canal Corp. “This is a fun and multidimensional challenge everyone should take the opportunity to embrace.”
Participants are encouraged to share their experience on social media using the hashtag #canalwaychallenge and tag their favorite miles #favorite15. Participants can join the Canalway Challenge Facebook group to show off special moments, share photos and ask questions.