Eleven members of the Newark Garden Club recently met in Elliott Park on East Union Street to recognize Arbor Day.
They were unable to plant a dogwood tree due to inclement weather, but plan to do so on a later date. Elliott Park was dedicated in memory of Edward Elliott Sr., the first commissioner of Newark, in 1915 and is one of 10 parks within the village.
The first American Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in April 1872 through the encouragement of J. Sterling Morton. Over 1 million trees were planted at that time. The last Friday in April has been named as Arbor Day since then, although some states designate a date better suited to their tree planting weather.
Newark Garden Club was started in 1927 by T. Spencer Knight, park commissioner, who was concerned about the condition and appearance of trees in the village parks. Since 1970 — and annually since 1990 — members have planted trees at schools and the Wayne County Nursing Home; in Central, Monje, Hallagan and Elliott parks; and in the club’s Memorial Garden. These plantings always are trees that are native to the state.
This year, in addition to the tree planting, the club is responsible for the Veterans Memorial in Central Park, Elliott Park flagpole garden, Newark-Arcadia Historical Museum and the Memorial Garden on the south bank of Erie Canal Park.
The club joined the 7th District Garden Clubs of New York State in 1933, and is affiliated with the state Federation of Garden Clubs Inc. and National Garden Club. New members are encouraged to join and help in the club’s efforts to beautify the village of Newark. Call (315) 331-8535 for information.