SODUS — The case is now in the hands of the jury.

Closing statements wrapped up Thursday in Timothy Dean's double murder trial. The former Texas police chief is accused of gunning down Josh Niles and Amber Washburn in the driveway of their Sodus home in cold blood back in October.

Dean is accused of shooting Niles 10 times and Niles' girlfriend Amber Washburn once in the head, killing them both.

Niles, the ex of Dean's wife Charlene Childers, was embroiled in a custody battle with her. Childers testified in this trial that she and Dean planned the murders and Dean traveled to New York from Texas to actually execute the plan.

On Thursday, the jury heard closing arguments from both the prosecutor and the defense attorney in this case.

Defense attorney Joe Damelio pointed the finger right back at Childers.

"Do I have to say her name? Charlene, or her alter ego, Charlie as she likes to be called. More than anything she wants two things. She wants her kids from Josh and she wants her Casey, the guy who's visited her 60 times in the last few months ... not the guy she's divorcing (meaning Dean)," said Damelio.

"Oct. 22, 2018, Josh Niles was executed, viciously shot 10 times by the defendant. Amber Washburn was in her driveway, heard the first shot and tried to get out, and that was when this defendant knew he had one more to kill. He turned to his right, fired at Miss Washburn, killing her one shot to the head," said Wayne County Assistant District Attorney Christine Callanan.

On Friday, the jury will start their deliberations.