The toe-tapping. finger-snapping, smile-inducing, movement-inspiring and sing-a-long sounds of instrumental and vocal jazz music once again filled the Newark High School cafeteria and auditorium during the annual Cabaret Night and Jazz Festival.
Featured performers were Vocal Jazz, directed by vocal music teacher Kate Flock; Downbeat and the NHS Jazz Band, both directed by instrumental musical teacher Robert Humphrey; and the University of Rochester’s Trebellious A Capella.
Vocal Jazz performed first in the cafeteria, followed by the Jazz Band. Each set showcased vocal and instrumental soloists while audience members enjoyed desserts and beverages. Then, everyone moved to the auditorium performances by Downbeat, featured NHS soloists and Trebellious A Capella.
“Overall, I think this was a great celebration of our students and our music program at Newark,” Flock said.
Humphrey added, “The performances across the board were stellar. The kids get really excited about this, because it is such a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. We had some outstanding kids who got to be featured, and I thought it was exciting to have a vocal group come in as guest performers this year.”
“I am thrilled to have been a part of Cabaret,” said NHS sophomore Jack Comella, a Vocal Jazz tenor. “It is an experience where we can sing songs in a varied style at a different venue.”
“It was such a great experience to be a part of our community that supports our music program,” said junior Isabella Bailey, a Vocal Jazz soprano and featured soloist who sang “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”
Senior Mallory Williams, who plays trumpet with Jazz Band and Downbeat, said, “It’s a great way to have all of our jazz groups share a night of performing.”
Senior Joey Malach was featured as a vocal percussionist with Vocal Jazz, had four trombone solos during the Jazz Band set, sang “The Frim Fram Sauce” as a featured soloist, and sang and played the trombone with Downbeat in the auditorium.
“Jazz music is a great way to bring the community together and demonstrate the hard work the students have put in many hours of rehearsals,” he said.
Flock and Humphrey thanked everyone attending and credited much of the night’s success to the work and support of the Newark Music Boosters.