A Geneva man caught up in the attempted murder of Michael Cosentino violated the conditions of his furlough and tacked on an additional year and half to his sentence

CANANDAIGUA — A Geneva man, caught up in his cohort’s attempted murder charges, had his deal tossed for violating the terms of his release while awaiting sentence.

On Wednesday in Ontario County Court, New York State Supreme Court Justice Craig Doran withdrew the deal of three and a half years for attempted criminal possession of a weapon and sentenced Timitheus Merritt to five years for criminal possession of a weapon for violating the terms of his furlough.

According to court testimony Merritt was being monitored by an electronic device and missed his court-mandated curfew on two occasions, which ultimately cost him an additional year and a half of his freedom.

Merrit was arrested along with Erin Rhynes, who was recently found guilty of attempted murder in the shooting of Michael Cosentino, who was shot in the head three times by Rhynes and has suffered brain damage. Police say that Rhynes and Merritt were business partners and that Merritt stashed the gun for Rhynes after the shooting.