Wayne County Nursing Home staff and residents recently marked nursing home week to celebrate the joys of working with the elderly, and enjoy the camaraderie between residents and staff.
This year’s theme was children’s story books. Each unit selected a theme for their decorations and costumes. Events for the week included crazy hat day, crazy hair day, dress like twins, dress in the character for the unit, plaid day, happy hour, relay race, costume parade, camp fire, fashion show and employee appreciation day.
A fashion show sponsored by Peebles in Newark gave residents a chance to show off the latest fashions. Residents were treated to a musical performance from Kay Oosterling.
An employee recognition ceremony attended by County Administrator Rick House, Board of Supervisors Chairman Steven LeRoy, and town supervisors Kenan Baldridge (Rose), Laurie Crane (Huron), Lynn Chatfield (Wolcott) and Steve Groat (Galen) served to honor the following employees for their years of service.
Five years: Megan Alward, Noelle Barto, Irene DeRoo, Katie Hall, Ashley Harper, Cheryl Judd, Antonia Nava-Cervantes, Kaylee Schetrompf, Amanda Sloughter, Lori Smith, Ebony Sturiale, Vicki Tournois, Shaquana Tucker, Jennifer Tyler and Tanisha Whitfield.
Seven years: Collyn Algier, Robert Cardinale, Mariya Carpenter, Cynthia Davis, Rebecca Granger, Melissa Hoffman, Sherry Kolczynski, Jenni-Lyn Reeves, Theresa Shaffer, Amber Smolinski, Laurie Thomas and Alexandra Volpe.
10 years: Amy Algier, Gloria Baldwin, Heidi Bruni, Alicia Huff, Kayla Kulijof, Jennifer Morris, Cherie Murray and Ellen Powell.
15 years: Jacqueline Battle, Tasha Butler, Jennifer Pallister, Carol Putman and Laura Wigfield.
20 years: Judith Blasczak and Freida Gunter.
25 years: Patricia Baird, Deena Boyer, Terry DeCola, Donna Forjone, Lori Nudd and Alyce Smith.
30 years: Debbie Feiock.
35 years: Amy Jones.
The Perfect Attendance Award went to Wanda Boughton, Anne Church, Terry DeCola, Lisa DeRue and Amy Lawson.
Eight nurses were recognized for being honored by the Association of Administrative Nurse in Long Term Care: Amy Algier, Heidi Bruni, Patty Bullock, Donna Forjone, Cassandra Ross, Audra Shangraw, Shelley Sloane and Tanisha Whitfield. These nurses were picked by their peers and recognized at a May luncheon in Rochester.
Whitney Bowerman, Elaine Swartwood, Susan Wild and Angela Wright will attend the 32nd annual certified nursing assistants recognition luncheon on June 14 in Rochester. Gina Fasano was named the 2019 LeadingAge Employee of Distinction.
Staff had an opportunity to nominate their peers for the WCNH People’s Choice Award. This award is for individuals who provide great quality care and are truly compassionate toward the residents. This year’s nominees include Kendra Ake, Mariya Carpenter, Kathy Chapin, Anne Church, Terry DeCola, Deb Feiock, Rebecca Granger, Dawn Howes, Alicia Huff, Amy Jones, Pattie Jones, Shaniah Jones, Jen Marlow, Jennifer Morris, Desiree Notebaert, Rachel Pallister, Michelle Pangburn, Stacy Reinwald, Rebecca Streeter and Susie Wagoner. Honorary mention went to Shaquana Tucker, the runner up was Howes and the final winner was Scott Martin.