North Rose-Wolcott varsity and junior varsity sports teams recently celebrated their achievements at the annual Athletic Award Night.
The event was sponsored by the North Rose and Wolcott Lions clubs, and the North Rose-Wolcott Booster Club.
Athletes met for refreshments before the ceremony, which was held in the high school auditorium. Each coach recapped the team’s performance, and named the athletes selected for the sportsmanship award, most improved player and MVP for the 2018-19 sports season. Each player selected for an award received a plaque.
The Team Sportsmanship Award went to Caleb Baldwin (varsity baseball), Benjamin Collins (varsity wrestling), Conner “Jack” DeFeo (boys JV soccer), Isabella DeFeo (girls varsity soccer), Richard Delpa (JV wrestling), Gordon Foro (boys varsity swimming), Emily Graham (varsity golf), Obadiah Gregg (boys varsity track and field), Nevaeh Hoover (varsity softball), AnnaMae Humbert (girls varsity basketball), EmmaGrace Humbert (girls JV basketball, JV softball), Karissa Lake (girls varsity cross-country), Kassidi Lake (varsity cheerleading), Connor Leous (boys varsity bowling), Lannon Loveless (girls JV soccer), Eva Norris (girls varsity volleyball), Quintin Norris (boys varsity tennis), William Reed (boys varsity cross-country), Helainah Richardson (girls JV volleyball), Shealyn Shattuck (varsity cheerleading), Madeline Tompkins (girls varsity tennis), Kendra Tuper (girls varsity bowling), Mason VanFleet (boys varsity soccer), Abigail Wanek (girls varsity track and field) and Lucy Zhang (varsity indoor track and field).
The Team Most Improved Player Award went to Autumn Cole (girls varsity track and field), Matthew Cole (boys varsity swimming), Mercedes Crum (girls varsity basketball), Shelby Cuturia (varsity softball), Zachary Gilbert (varsity baseball), Alyssa Hernandez-Camarillo (varsity cross-country), Kennedy Jones (varsity cheerleading), Kyle Kasper (boys varsity track and field, varsity wrestling), Maxime Levreault (boys varsity volleyball), Connor Majkszak (boys varsity swimming), Cameron McCann (boys varsity basketball), Christopher Mourey (boys varsity soccer, boys varsity baseball), Caleb Murray (varsity indoor track and field), Eva Norris (girls varsity track and field), Sierra Perkins (varsity golf), Sebastian Pusch-Lockwood (boys varsity tennis), Kalin Reed (girls varsity swimming), Nikos Soklaropoulos (boys varsity soccer, boys varsity basketball), Hanna Stubbe (girls varsity track and field), Kiara Ticconi (girls varsity tennis), Madeline Tompkins (varsity indoor track and field), Mason VanFleet (boys varsity bowling) and Brianna Vezzose (girls varsity bowling).
The Team MVP Award went to Emma Durham (girls varsity soccer), AnnaMae Humbert (girls varsity tennis), Ryan King (boys varsity cross-country, boys varsity track and field), Kassidi Lake (girls varsity swimming), Daniel Lindenmuth (boys varsity bowling), Taylor Malchoff (girls varsity volleyball, girls varsity softball), Elizabeth Manley (varsity cheerleading), Emily Meyer (girls varsity swimming), Jacob Minier (varsity wrestling), Reece Morris (boys varsity volleyball), Eva Norris (varsity girls basketball), Quintin Norris (boys varsity basketball), Torin O’Leary (varsity baseball), Samanta Osorio-Ortiz (varsity girls tennis), Chynna Plantz (varsity girls bowling, varsity golf), Michael Statskey (varsity boys soccer, varsity boys baseball) and the entire varsity boys tennis team.
Six senior athletes received special recognition for participating on an athletic team for all four years of high school, or 12 seasons: Kassidi Lake, Connor Leous, Taylor Malchoff, Peter Mattice, Reece Morris and Chynna Plantz.
Varsity athletes who achieved the highest GPA on their respective teams were honored with a full-zip athletic jacket. Fifteen students were honored as scholar-athletes: Zachary DeRoo (boys track and field), Emma Durham (girls basketball, softball), Emily Graham (girls tennis), Connor Leous (boys soccer, boys bowling), Connor Majkszak (boys swimming, boys tennis), Emily Meyers (girls swimming), Reece Morris (boys volleyball), Chynna Plantz (girls soccer, girls bowling, golf), Shealyn Shattuck (cheerleading), Persian Singh (wrestling), Michael Statskey (boys baseball), Coby Stubbe (boys basketball), Hanna Stubbe (girls track and field), Dominique Warring (girls volleyball) and Lucy Zhang (girls cross-country, indoor track and field).
Many North Rose-Wolcott high school athletes were recognized as triathletes, who participated on an athletic team all three seasons for the 2018-19 school year. Triathletes were honored with a sweatshirt and are listed by grade level.
Ninth grade: Alexis Countryman, Zachary DeRoo, EmmaGrace Humbert, Nolan Sears and Hanna Stubbe.
10th grade: Danielle Bray, Autumn Cole, Mercedes Crum, Shelby Cuturia, Alyssa Hernandez-Camarillo, Gordon Howie, Alexes Hunt, Lannon Loveless, Hannah Mathes, Cameron McCann, Jessi Mendenhall, Nayeli Morales, Caleb Murray, Abby Nelson, Eva Norris, Quintin Norris, William Reed, Kendra Tuper, Brianna Vezzose, Abigail Wanek, Gabrielle Welsh and Lucy Zhang.
11th grade: Ian Boone, Isabella DeFeo, Garret Dennis, Emma Durham, AnnaMae Humbert, Kyle Kasper, Elizabeth Manley, Jacob Minier, Christopher Mourey, Kalen Roberts, Jenna Roelle, Nikos Soklaropoulos and Madeline Tompkins.
12th grade: Kassidi Lake, Connor Leous, Taylor Malchoff, Peter Mattice, Reece Morris, Chynna Plantz and Mason VanFleet.