Clyde-Savannah High School recently honored its athletes with a sports banquet and award ceremony.
Athletic director Larry Lang introduced the coaches as they each recapped their team’s season and presented MVP, Most Improved Player, Coaches, and four or five-year awards.
Baseball: Steve Dunn, MVP; Jack Bastian, MIP; and Jacob Geil, Coaches Award.
Boys basketball: Camden Chance, MVP; Jordan Cooley, MIP; and Steve Dunn, Coaches Award.
Boys bowling: Connor Wright, MVP; Alex Davis, MIP; and Riley Wright, Coaches Award and Four-Year Award.
Boys cross-country: Michael Fowler, MVP; Derrick Tandle, MIP; Liam Dietschler, Coaches Award; and Greg Bailey and Fowler, Four-Year Award.
Boys indoor track: Michael Fowler and Cody Smith, MVP and Four-Year Award, Tyler Kell, Coaches Award.
Boys outdoor track and field: Jordan Cooley, Michael Fowler, Ashlyn Rattray and Cody Smith, MVP; Noah Bastedo, Coaches Award; and Joshua Arliss, Bastedo, Cooley and Fowler, Four-Year Award.
Cheerleading: Sydney VanVleck, MVP; Julia Secor, MIP; Maisie Powers, Coaches Award; Emma Bowen, Four-Year Award; and Kristen DeLisio, McKenna Hunt, VanVleck and Powers, Five-Year Award.
Football: Camden Chance, MVP; Noah Rattray, MIP; and Noah Bastedo, Coaches Award.
Girls basketball: Cailin Bloomer and Tayler Sharp, MVP and Four-Year Award, and Kelsie DiSanto, “Glass Cleaner” (Coaches Award).
Girls cross-country: Emma Rath, MVP; Madison Fremouw, MIP; and Anna Shimp, Coaches Award.
Girls indoor track: Emma Bowen, MVP; Emma Rath, MIP; Breeanna Mills, Coaches Award; and Natalie Maddox, Mills, Maisie Powers, Megan Rice and Julia Secor, Four-Year Award.
Girls outdoor track and field: Maisie Powers, Tayler Sharp and Julia Secor, MVP (track); Emma Bowen, MVP (field); Emma Rath, Coaches Award; and Bowen, Natalie Maddox, Megan Rice, Powers and Secor, Four-Year Award.
Golf: Zachary Lawson, MVP, and Connor Wright, MIP.
Softball: JeAnna Paddock, offensive player of the year and Five-Year Award; Kenadee Carr, defensive player of the year; and Erin Mann, MIP.
Swimming: Brandon Baker and Keiko Takai, MVP; Skylar Lumadue, MIP; and Sigourney Secor, Coaches Award.
Volleyball: JeAnna Paddock, outstanding defensive player; Riley Carr, outstanding offensive player; Allison Payne, Coaches Award; and Carr and JeAnna Paddock, Four-Year Award.
Winter cheerleading: Kristen DeLisio, MVP and Five-Year Award; Kelsey Lainhart, MIP; and Hannah Kaplun, Coaches Award.
This year’s Varsity Club Scholarship winner was Maisie Powers.
The Dominic “Baldy” Vitticore Award for outstanding senior football lineman went to Noah Bastedo. The Tony Masttangelo Award for most improved senior football player went to Cody Smith.
The winners of the Wayne A. Frisinger Award for outstanding senior in track and field were Emma Bowen and Michael Fowler.
The Joan McAllister Award for outstanding male and female athlete went to Cailin Bloomer and Cody Smith. The Charles “Wick” Fischette Award for outstanding senior student-athlete was awarded to Michael Fowler.
Section V champions Emma Bowen (indoor track), Parker Miller (bowling) and Cody Smith (indoor track) were recognized at the end of the banquet.