Wayne Central Middle School recently celebrated seventh and eighth grade student achievement and citizenship at the annual Night of Awards Ceremony.
Students were recognized for academic excellence, and the Larry Ruth Art Award and JoAnne Huff Service Award recipients were announced.
At the end of the ceremony, special recognition went to the nominees and two recipients of the Middle School Award of Excellence. The Award of Excellence is given to students for outstanding academic performance and community service.
Seventh grade
Art: Trevor Bush, Kristina Maystruk and Vicky Xue.
Art effort: Peter Treasure Jr.
TCA Art Gallery Award: Vicky Xue.
Citizenship: Zow Cook, Alexander Garrow, Lucas Kielon and Ariel Mullin.
English/language arts: Lauren Akerley, Isabella Blood, Zoe Cook and Brooke Golisano.
English/language arts effort: Jaylyn Gramz and Annaliese Ziegler.
French: Alexa Chimenti.
General music: Ella Collier and Peter Treasure Jr.
Chorus: Lauren Akerley and Zoe Cook.
Band: Kasey Eaton and Brady Panneitz.
Music effort: Zoey Brown-Rooney and Annaliese Ziegler.
German: Alexander Garrow.
Health: Braylon Agnello, Evangeline Bolt, Nevin Crane and Victoria Lambert.
Health effort: Sophea Ward.
Languages effort: Cooper Jackson, Emma Lockwood and Vicky Xue.
Math: Abigail Agnello, Vitaliy Kuchma and Zoeanna Vogts.
Math effort: Christopher Andrades Jr. and Aziliz Brumley.
Accelerated math: Aleyna DeMay and Paul Ostrowski III.
Physical education: Alexander Garrow, Jacob Kielon and Lucas Kielon.
Physical education effort: Isabella Blood.
Science: Aleyna DeMay, Kaelyn Merrill and Addison Raleigh.
Science effort: Ian Johnson.
Accelerated science effort: Brady Panneitz and Autumn Wildey
Social studies: Alexa Chimenti, Kasey Eaton and Judith Ugalde.
Social studies effort: Maci Bushart, Leo Smith and Autumn Wildey.
Spanish: Ella Collier, Yasmina DiMatteo and Jessica Ficarra.
Top 10%: Lauren Akerley, Isabella Blood, Alexa Chimenti, Zoe Cook, Aleyna DeMay, Kasey Eaton, Alexander Garrow, Victoria Lambert, Georgia Mosier, Kayda Schmitt, Trinity Surowiec, Casey Thomas, Peter Treasure Jr., Judith Ugalde and Vicky Xue.
Eighth grade
Algebra: Marlena Hewitt, Victoria Mueller and Johnathan Powers.
Algebra effort: Jeannette Jackson and Arianna Venture.
Biology: Owen Doran and Kayla Van Bortel.
Biology effort: Meaghan Harvey.
Citizenship: Morgan Aman, Colton Melos and Gianna Ryndock.
English/language arts: Jasmine Cole, Austin Kelsch, Julia Landon and Gianna Ryndock.
English/language arts effort: Thomas Deutsch II and Lauren Hill.
French: Anna Malbone.
General music: Johnathan Powers.
Chorus: Jeannette Jackson and Sydney Kachmaryk.
Band: Tina Davenport and Olivia Huber.
Music effort: Elandria Brzezniak, Jonathan Carbone and Colton Melos.
German: Izak Krajeski.
Languages effort: Isabelle Crandall.
Math: Elissa Delmaine, Madeline Hillen, Anna Malbone and Kaitlyn Maylin.
Math achievement: Owen Doran and Kayla Van Bortel.
Physical education: Julia Landon, John Manne and Aidan Mills.
Science effort: Courtney Pettit.
Social studies: Elandria Brzezniak, Meaghan Harvey and Kayla Van Bortel.
Social studies effort: Jennifer Carpenter, Dylan Poarch and Logan Weingartner.
Spanish: Michael Clark, Emily Pratt and Gianna Ryndock.
Technology: Alex Cook and Owen Doran
Technology effort: Louis Profetta and Kaelin Watson.
Top 10%: Elandria Brzezniak, Michael Clark, Owen Doran, Meaghan Harvey, Marlena Hewitt, Olivia Huber, Izak Krajeski, Paige Lasher, Anna Malbone, Taryn Mascioletti, Johnathan Powers, Gianna Ryndock, Tyler Senecal, Kayla Van Bortel and Dylan Vance.
The JoAnn Huff/PTO Service Award went to Colton Melos and the Larry Ruth Art Award went to Taryn Mascioletti.
The TCA Award of Excellence went to Owen Doran and Gianna Ryndock. Their fellow nominees were Michael Clark, Rowan Constable, Maria Clara Farya, Taryn Mascioletti, Colton Melos, Danniele Pierson, Kayla Van Bortel, Dylan Vance, Mikayla Venti and Jacob Wilson.