Frontier Communications. Does just hearing those words make your blood boil? I live in a rural area between Naples and Honeoye. There is no cell service here. The only option we have for phone and internet is Frontier. On Tuesday, June 4, our internet went off. Wednesday morning, I called for service. The tech put me through the usual: Turn it off. Turn it back on. Unplug it. Plug it back in. No fix. Made an appointment for a repair person to come to the house. First appointment available: Thursday, June 13, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Of course that is the day I am not home! Next appointment: Friday, June 14.

On Saturday, June 8, I saw a neighbor who told me that they had been out since May 31. They had an appointment for Tuesday, June 11. I called to see if my appointment could be moved to coincide with the neighbor's appointment. No, totally booked, can't do it. I started making phone calls to other neighbors. Seven homes on our road were without internet. This time, I called Frontier and asked to speak with a supervisor of the department. He said the exact same words to me that the tech had said. They seem to have memorized the speech. Then, he told me that if I wanted to contact someone higher up I should go to! I don't have internet. How am I to do that?

The end of the story is that my internet is back on, but I am going to ask everyone who is unhappy with Frontier service to make their voice heard. Call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or write to Washington, D.C. If you have internet, go to their website and contact them that way. Call Chris Collins at 716-634-2324 and Tom Reed at 607-654-7566. Let your voice be added to mine and let's see if we can get some action. Thanks for your time.

Patti Woodard