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Lydia Champagne, Natalie Hansen, Melanie McBride, Jonathan Morrison, Stephanie Rawa, Mary Reid and Hannah Vanderbilt, of Macedon; Reese Holahan, of Marion; Megan Cauwels and Matthew Fedczuk, of Newark; Nicholas Galusha, Tyler Gross and Tyler Hecht, of Ontario; Jane McGowan, of Palmyra; Emilie Pitts and Kathryn Smith, of Red Creek; Patrick Saiff, of Sodus Point; Jordan Cohan, Casey Kunzer and Amy Tichacek, of Walworth; and Avery Carlson, Leanna Hess and Samantha Zimmerman, of Williamson, were named to the spring 2019 dean’s list at SUNY Fredonia. To be eligible, full-time students must earn a minimum 3.3 GPA.

Julio Chavez, of North Rose, and Wyatt Dates, of Wolcott, recently were named a Leader of Excellence and Community Champion, respectively, by the O’Connor Center for Community Engagement at SUNY Delhi.

Rachel Dapolito, of Clyde; Kaitlyn DeCola and Addie Fischer, of Lyons; Howie Barnes, Brandon Bogner, Collin Farmer, Ricardo Figueroa, Austin Goodwin, Alexandra Hayes-Rossiter, Jacob Leberth, E. Maria Sabik, Adam Spindler, Aleksandra Sprague and Derek Swarthout, of Macedon; Ian Davies, Nic Mayville and Pete VanCamp, of Marion; Grace Blondell, Lauren Bullock and Ryan Clark-Sulkey, of Newark; Kristen Gambino, of North Rose; Lily Ames, Jake Bassage, Patrick Ekeren, Morgan Gaskin and Nazariy Tokarchuk, of Ontario; Naomi Hannig, Kendall Jones, Justin Klino, Makenzie Kommer, Jessica Lioudis, Masako Moyer and Kevin Rinehart, of Palmyra; Fisher Meddaugh and Kevin Morrissette, of Red Creek; Kadin Benjamin, Adam LaMark, Grace Walker and Kyle Whitbourne, of Sodus; Nicholas Biermann, Caitlin Birx and Kole Seeber, of Walworth; Matthew Kuhl, Samuel Kuhl, Gerard Moran, Rebecca Moran, Mark Saile, Thomas Saile, Bennett Schoonerman, Jonah Sharp and Megan Vanderlinde, of Williamson; and Annamarie D'Aurizio and Carly Trine, of Wolcott, were named to the spring 2019 dean’s list at Rochester Institute of Technology. To be eligible, full-time students must earn a minimum 3.4 GPA.

Katrina DiCrasto, of Williamson, was named to the spring 2019 dean’s list at Wheaton College in Illinois. To be eligible, full-time students must earn a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Trevor Oakes, of Ontario, and Kristen Brennessel and Lazaro Mendoza Perez, of Sodus, graduated in May 2019 from SUNY Delhi.

Abigail O’Neill, of Sodus Point, was named to the spring 2019 president’s list at James Madison University in Virginia. To be eligible, students must carry at least 12 credits and earn a minimum 3.9 GPA.

Zachary Reiss, of Clyde; Elizabeth Dietschler and Jessica Norris, of Lyons; Mackenzie Friesner and Cherilynn Miller, of Macedon; Mitchell DeWolf, Benjamin Roeland and Joseph Ruffalo, of Newark; Victoria Dishaw, Lindsey Mercurio, Cody Pitcher and Lucas Yankloski, of Ontario; Briann Wood, of Red Creek; Erika Mendoza Rivera, of Sodus; and Brian Bushnell, of Wolcott, graduated in May 2019 with bachelor’s degrees from SUNY Oswego.

Jessica Shields, of Lyons, received a 2019 Excellence in Student Life Award from the Rochester Institute of Technology for fostering and encouraging the goals of engagement in activities, excellence in scholarship, and the practice of responsible leadership.

Jeff Sutton, of Marion; Charley Bixby, of Walworth; and Jessica Slack, of Wolcott, graduated in May 2019 with master’s degrees from SUNY Oswego.

Jacob Vitale, of Palmyra, was named to the spring 2019 dean’s list at St. Lawrence University in Canton. To be eligible, students must complete at least four courses and earn a minimum 3.6 academic average.

Palmyra-Macedon graduate Anneliese Wootten received a $750 grant-in-aid from the Omega Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International to study elementary/special education at St. John Fisher College this fall.

Toby Young, of Marion, recently performed with Josh Groban as a member of the Nazareth College Vocal Jazz.