Air-conditioned doghouses are being installed at some rest stops on the state Thruway, including the Clifton Springs stop

CLIFTON SPRINGS — As you head out of town this weekend, your pup passengers could have a temporary home when you make stops on the road.

Initially put outside of businesses in New York City, DogSpots are popping up at New York Thruway stops. According to the DogSpot co-founder, Chelsea Brownridge, the partnership makes New York the first to have the sidewalk sanctuaries at service areas on the Thruway.

“We just wanted there to be a safer option than tying your dog up outside which they can get loose, any number of things can happen. Then certainly also during these hot travel months where people love to bring their dog on vacation with their family, they’re along for the ride and you don’t want to leave them in the car, this way they have a safe place,” explained Brownridge, the co-founder and CEO of DogSpot.

The dog houses are climate-controlled kennels with air conditioning and temperature sensors. You can track the temp and watch your dog on the pet-cam from the app on your phone.

This is how it works: First, you register your dog on the app and find a DogSpot location. You pay 30 cents a minute while you run inside, watching your dog on the app. A team monitors the dog house remotely, knowing when to start the cleaning process between visits and alerting you to any issue with the temperature or facility.

DogSpots are slated to be coming to the Clifton Springs and Junius Ponds service areas, making four stops along the Thruway from Utica to Rochester. (The others are at Chittenango and Oneida.) The company hopes to continue expanding to more service areas.