The Canandaigua-based Peacemaker craft brewery is releasing three canned beers to mark the upcoming Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers concert

CANANDAIGUA — Somewhere, at sometime in the annals of rock-and-roll history, a good beer — perhaps more than one — helped move mere words on a page to inspired lyrics of a rock song.

Maybe that’s true for Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, or maybe not.

What is known, Canandaigua-based Peacemaker Brewing Co. is inspired by now Arizona-based royalty, as Clyne and mates earlier this month were inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

As fans of the small craft brewery on Pleasant Street also know, Todd Reardon, co-owner, head brewer and huge fan of the band, names his beers after their songs or snippets of lyrics — a practice blessed by the band that may or may not have something to do with Reardon providing them with beer when he can.

In Reardon’s case, the beer usually inspires his choice of words.

“We might have a name in mind, and then depending on how it tastes and how comes out, we might change it up,” Reardon said. “We try to figure out what works best with the style and the flavor profile.”

For the last few years, Reardon has brought the band to Canandaigua, and this year is no exception. The band is scheduled to perform July 13 as the headliner of the Circus of the Finger Lakes concert at Rio Tomatlán. When Reardon learned the Mexican restaurant carried Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine tequila, it led to their team-up on the concerts.

As part of the concert, Peacemaker is releasing three canned beers — two of them brand new — to toast the return of Clyne and his bandmates to Canandaigua. Each of the cans, along with other selections on tap, will be available at the Peacemaker Brewing beer trailer at the concert site.

One of the beers, Circus in the Finger Lakes, is a dry-hopped oat cream IPA, with lactose, black currants, Cashmere and Southern Passion hops. And it comes Clyne-approved, Reardon said.

“I actually reached out to Roger Clyne about our beer we’re releasing for them,” Reardon said. “He gave some input to what style of beer he wanted and the kind of flavor profile he wanted, and we asked him if he wanted to name it. He really didn’t have an opinion.”

So Reardon named it for him, as he did for the two others.

Puerto Penasco Pineapple Wheat, which is made with 100 percent pineapple juice, is obviously a fruit beer, which Peacemaker has done with some success — its Peachmaker, a play on the band name, and I Can Drink the Watermelon, a play off of a song, have proved popular in recent summers.

Puerto Penasco is on tap at the brewery, although it will be canned for the first time. The name comes from the city in Mexico where the band performs a series of concerts, Circus Mexicus, some of which Reardon has attended.

The new Kill in the Cure, another double-dry-hopped IPA that incorporates four varieties of hops, is named for the new single by opening act Jocelyn and Chris Arndt, from Albany.

The duo is headlining the “Brew York” show in Watertown later in July, and asked Reardon if he was interested in a collaboration on a beer.

Reardon expects it to “kill” when it’s debuted here.

“They came out and helped us brew it,” Reardon said. “They’re coming back Monday to help us can it. We really like those guys. They’re good kids.”

The Peacemakers’ fan and band collaboration demonstrates how much the musicians value their fan base, Reardon said.

Back when Reardon was a home brewer, the band played in his backyard as part of a series of backyard barbecue concerts.

“They had my home brew and thought it was pretty good, so that got my gears turning about opening up a brewery,” which Reardon did in 2016. He and his wife, Stephani, have seen it grow steadily ever since.

Reardon asked permission to incorporate the name and the brewery logo, which is similar to the band’s, and they said OK. The first year of the Canandaigua concert series, Reardon released the peach beer.

“Roger loved that beer. He commented many times over he loved that beer,” Reardon said.

While Reardon doesn’t have the time to travel to see the band as he once used to — too busy making beer and growing the business, he said — he does bring Clyne and his Peacemakers beer when he can and they are appreciative of it, Reardon said.

The homage to their songs is an added bonus.

“I think they think they’re pretty cool,” Reardon said.

It’s Ice Cream Month again

July is National Ice Cream Month and once again, Finger Lakes Visitors Connection and Cheshire Farms Creamery got together to create a brand-new flavor to mark the occasion.

And this one will be tough to pass up.

“FLX Trail Mix” is kettle corn-infused ice cream with crushed peanuts and M&M pieces. The limited-edition flavor is available at Cheshire Farms Creamery, 10 Parrish Street, Canandaigua, through the end of July.

Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, which is the official tourism promotion agency for Ontario County, is giving away four $25 Cheshire Farms gift cards — one for each week in July — from those who enter online at

Lisa Kuras and Patty Casella opened the Creamery in 2015. Along with many flavors of homemade ice cream, they also offer home-style baked goods including cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, and cinnamon rolls, as well as light lunches.

In fact, a year ago they created a cinnamon ice cream based on their famed cinnamon rolls, to mark National Ice Cream Month 2018.

“We enjoy opportunities to be creative with new flavors, and since July is National Ice Cream Month, what better time to create something new for all of our friends in the Finger Lakes?” Kuras said.

Melissa Knoblauch, partner and community relations manager for Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, said the Creamery is always looking to come up with innovative products for visitors.

“Lisa and Patty are shining examples of why tourism in Ontario County is thriving,” Knoblauch said.