The Kelley School PTA recently sponsored its annual event for the graduating fifth grade class as a way to thank them for being positive role models for younger Newark students.
“It is always a bittersweet event for our parent volunteers, as they know it will be the last one that their kids will have at the school,” PTA President Michele DeYulio said.
PTA volunteers decorated the lunchroom, two fifth grade hallways and the outside parking lot for the event.
“It is a great way to interact and catch up with friends that are in other classrooms, relax, and have some fun with the teachers and staff at school,” DeYulio said.
After lunch, the students ate popsicles outside, played kickball and other games, signed a class banner and friends’ T-shirts, and soaked their teachers in the Royal Flush.
“Each year, we try to add a little more to the afternoon as we gain more insight as to what works and what doesn’t,” DeYulio said. “[The Royal Flush] has definitely become a staple in the activities for the day. Special thanks to Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Botelho, Mrs. Valone, Mrs. Carr, Ms. Stoughton, Mr. Hamelinck, Mrs. Greene and Miss Bambury for participating in the Royal Flush, and being so willing to get drenched for the students’ amusement.”
The PTA purchased T-shirts and permanent markers for every student so they could sign each others’ shirts as a memento of the day and the year together. The fifth grade banner went to Newark Middle School at the end of the 2018-19 school year and will be posted in the hall to greet incoming sixth graders this fall.
At the end of the celebration, students made ice cream sundaes with whipped cream, cherries, syrups, caramel, gummy bears, chocolate, crushed cookies and sprinkles. The ice cream was donated by Mr. Coolee’s Ice Cream Shop.
The PTA volunteers behind this effort, along with DeYulio, are Harmon Ranney, Juli Scharett, Doreen Schommer, Micky Sergeant and Jain Vargas.